The customer agrees with the selling terms and conditions down mentioned, and is the customer entire responsibility the acknowledge of the terms, renouncing all rights stated in the general or special law or specifying in case of budget confirmation or orders acceptance.


Orders shall only be issued against requisition or written document, otherwise they cannot be executed. The chronological placement of orders can be changed by Vidrotorre, Lda, due to technical planification needs or following the rules for good technique related to the suitable usage of equipments. Deadlines are established according to order definitions and are indicative but not binding, except for written agreement, aiming to customer satisfaction in a short period of time. In case a customer requests Vidrotorre, Lda the storage of raw material for a future order, if the order shall not be placed, Vidrotorre, Lda must charge the customer the value of that raw material.


All cancellations must be stated in writing, otherwise shall not be considered. Shall not be accepted order cancellations for an ongoing manufacturing. Ultimately shall be charged all related expenses at this stage.


For glasses with an irregular shape, if the customer is providing the mould he must be held responsible for it. The mould must fit the glass precise dimensions. The minimum surface to be considered for invoicing is for the rectangular where the mold is, and the millimeter values by excess in centimeters. (ex: 1425=1430). Glasses using mould and/or with irregular shapes have an overcharge by square meter over the basic price. 15 days after the order delivery, the moulds can be destroyed if the customer previously does not state otherwise.


Whenever the placement is made by Vidrotorre Lda, any resulting breakage or defects are no longer the responsibility of Vidrotorre, Lda, after the customer signature on the placement registration.


All advising or suggestions shall not be considered as warranties, commitment or liability from Vidrotorre, Lda.


When applied, the warranty is exclusively for the quality of the provided materials, in the mentioned characteristics and guaranteed by the raw material manufacturer. Double glazing with air chamber AislaGlas has a 10 years warranty from the manufacture date, covering all defects which may decrease visibility over inner glass surfaces. These warranties are valid if normal conditions of use are fulfilled. The inappropriate use, accidents or other damages against our responsibility, or any work performed by third parties with the material we supplied, will cancel immediately any warranty and that fact will be notified to the customer. No warranty will be given to glasses that will be broken, resulting from other problems rather than the installation, and also spontaneous breakage from tempered glasses. Vidrotorre, Lda decline any liability for breakage caused by thermal changes due to glass overlapping, blackout or opaque elements next to the glasses, eyeshades, elements causing glass overheating, any element stuck on or between glasses. Double glazing for decorating purposes have no warranty.


All goods are shipped under the customer responsibility. When the shipment is made by a vehicle from Vidrotorre, Lda, all breakages and defects caused by transportation shall be claimed when the customer receives the product. The product is always supplied in bulk, any requested package will result from previous budget and charged to the customer.


The thermal process creates areas with different stresses in the transversal glass section. Normally they are not visible but under special light conditions can be seen (coloration).


All complaints / returns shall be notified in writing along with an invoicing document from Vidrotorre Lda, which will serve as purchase proof and the type of product required by the customer. The complaint shall be considered after delivering the goods, under the customer responsibility, in the facilities of Vidrotorre, Lda. If not possible, a new glass shall be immediately supplied, although charged. After careful inspection by Vidrotorre, Lda if there is any liability from the supplier, a debit note shall be issued. Vidrotorre, Lda shall not be liable or responsible for the expenses resulting from the assembly and dismantling of the replaced materials, and for the storage and the provision of services.


For invoicing purposes, the areas to be charged are the result of the multiplication of the rectangle dimensions where the piece lays (the minimum area is 0,35 m2). In case of geometric shapes that need internal service, the commercial services shall be notified, according to each case, to acknowledge the price overcharge. Vidrotorre, Lda shall not be liable for any manufacturing shortage (with glass provided by the customer). Pricing and the general selling terms to be applied are the ones in force from the product expedition date.


All payments shall be issued by cheque or bank transfer and claims regarding invoice elements must be made within 30 days. Shall be charged an interest charge for late payment at the legal rate in force.


Vidrotorre, Lda reserves the right to establish credit limits, demand bank guarantees or other means that guarantee payment.


In case of dispute, the competent jurisdiction shall be the Court of Valença, renouncing to any other jurisdiction or domicile.